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Who is this now?

Oh that's right me. I'm pretty sure I'm writing this. . . Life. Life. You know? Life. So for quick, emotionless updates.  On being a foster parent: it's hard.  On being a daughter: it sucks to have my parents across the country.  On being a mommy: awesome. Conflicting I know.  But that's how you know… Continue reading Who is this now?

Foster Parenting

On Foster Parenting…

I'm not unaware that I've totally been out of touch with this blog.  But it feels like lying to not talk about being a foster parent when it consumes almost my every thought.  And... Sometimes my feelings about foster parenting are too big for words. You are not forgotten.  Here are some random pictures from… Continue reading On Foster Parenting…


Monthly Reads: May 2013

I started this month's reading by asking for votes on which of my backlog of books I should read.  The two winners (it was about 50/50) were We Have Always Lived in the Castle and A Great and Terrible Beauty. Anyhow, I decided to go ahead and read them both.  I also finished up a few books I'd started… Continue reading Monthly Reads: May 2013


Monthly To Be Read: June

Turns out that May's To Be Read pile took me through *nearly* everything that I'd set as a goal, and consequently, I made it through some books that had been lingering on my shelves. Then there was this whole sense of stolen-time and wickedness as I chucked Rebel Angels by Libba Bray yet again to… Continue reading Monthly To Be Read: June


What would you do if you were invisible?

I've never really understood why someone would answer that question with listing a visit to the locker room or stealing stuff or what not.  But here I am reading The Invisible Man and can't help but thinking about it.  The thing is--we are who we are regardless of whether people are around. In a lot of ways,… Continue reading What would you do if you were invisible?


Book Review: A Christmas Carol

Back in the bright red dawn of time when children didn't have their own DVD collections, when blurays and DVRs were just lights shining in the eyes of their creators, I waited at Christmas to see my favorite shows on the TV (without a remote) when they were actually scheduled. I actually had to sit through… Continue reading Book Review: A Christmas Carol