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Who is this now?

Oh that's right me. I'm pretty sure I'm writing this. . . Life. Life. You know? Life. So for quick, emotionless updates.  On being a foster parent: it's hard.  On being a daughter: it sucks to have my parents across the country.  On being a mommy: awesome. Conflicting I know.  But that's how you know… Continue reading Who is this now?

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On Foster Parenting…

I'm not unaware that I've totally been out of touch with this blog.  But it feels like lying to not talk about being a foster parent when it consumes almost my every thought.  And... Sometimes my feelings about foster parenting are too big for words. You are not forgotten.  Here are some random pictures from… Continue reading On Foster Parenting…

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I am a crazy person.

SPOILER ALERT: This post is somewhat religious. I've been fairly clear about this crazy thing.  And here's the thing about this crazy thing.  I don't deal well with change or anxiety.  Now when these things start happening in my life.  I get a little mean.  And spiteful.  And snippy.  I get insanely furious at the… Continue reading I am a crazy person.

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Top 10s Reason Why My Mom is Better Than Yours….

Here's the thing about my mother.  She's enviable.  Honestly, enviable.  She's the type of mom we want to be.  She's the type of mom other people think, oh that would be nice.  She's awesome. And here are the 10 reasons why she's amazing for me: 10.  She had 6 kids.  She loves as all individually.… Continue reading Top 10s Reason Why My Mom is Better Than Yours….