Books: Want

Do you ever not buy a book you want?  For those of you who know my book buying habits, you might be surprised that I occasionally exercise any form of self-control.  However, I recently bought a book that I had been wanting since before it’s release.  This one in fact:


And you know what?  I really liked it.  Maybe I have perfect taste in books and never make poor choices.  Ok, maybe not.  But for fun, I thought I’d show you the other books that have been hovering on my radar.













this is6082519371_423a4d1153_zGone-book-gone-2817509-449-595




Ok, I’ll stop there.  Perhaps you get the idea.  I told someone yesterday that outside of family, work, and church pretty much all I think about is books.  Reading them, their construction, the authors, books I loved, my own book.

Maybe I need to branch out some?

Nah!  Have you read any of the above?  Did you love any of them?



3 thoughts on “Books: Want”

  1. Legend looks good and I have been considering that one myself for a while.
    Brandon Sanderson is an author I really like, I haven’t heard of this particular book, but it also looks like a good one.

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